My Final Flight (Overcoming P.T.S.D.)

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My Final Flight (Overcoming P.T.S.D.)

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My Final Flight (Overcoming P.T.S.D.) explains how I overcame thirty years of shell-shock, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I wrote this story in 1989 - thirty years after my traumatic jet plane crash. In doing so I had to force myself, and desperately fight, to relive that experience - and then write it down in detail, which took over one month of sheer absolute agony. To separate myself I wrote it in third-person. This separation was of very considerable aid in my recovery from the clutches P.T.S.D. held over me.

It is written through my thought patterns at the time, which allows the reader to become immersed in my mindset as it developed and expanded. (Page one up to my discovery of my dire location (page nine), are the first half-hour of that experience).

My Final Flight (Overcoming P.T.S.D.) opens with that story, which is followed with a summary and a postscript.

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