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A Little Book of Vintage Chair Repairs - Including How to Fix Perforated Seats, Repairing Spoon Back Dining Chairs and Much More

40 pages33 minutes


This text contains a comprehensive guide to fixing vintage furniture, with information on fixing perforated seats, repairing spoon back chairs, and much more besides. Vintage furniture is highly desirable, but unfortunately not always entirely durable. This handy little guide will be of considerable value to the antique and vintage furniture owner, allowing them to repair their beloved furniture by hand, with ease, and for relatively little money. The chapters of this book include: 'Repairing an Old Mahogany Armchair', 'Repairing a Kitchen Armchair', 'Repairing a Spoonback Chair', 'Levelling Chairs and Tables', 'Caning Chair Seats', 'Fixing Perforated Seats on Chairs', Upholstered Seats for Old Cane Seated Chairs', 'Re-Webbing Chair Bottoms', 'Re-Webbing Bottom of a Loose Cushion Couch', and 'Re-Upholstering a Coach in Leather Cloth'. We are proud to republish this antiquarian book here complete with a new introduction on furniture restoration.

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