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Most people never have a true turning point in their lives. There are distractions, persuasions, and diversions, but your path is your path.
That is what Ping thought throughout his life. Although he was young, his ideology was as firm and focused as any worldly mind. He had an entrenched distrust of the authorities and politicians, and knew it was his fate to open the eyes of the world to the deception they were faced with. He found it almost inconceivable that even though they had torn the sky with failed attempts at Geo-engineering, destroyed most of the remaining global food crops through corporate corruption, and even created near fascist governments, that the people still had faith in the system.
Given a gift of advanced tech from his Uncle, Ping goes on a road trip with his crew, but there is no way he could have expected the trip to end up in a place that would question his own morals and how far he was willing to go.

This short story is part of a series of background stories from the key characters in the Red Shift Novel series. Take a glimpse into Sydney next century, and see what we all know is coming.

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