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Giza Series



ETERNAL EGYPT is a companion guide to the GIZA TRILOGY. It is a tribute to Ancient Egypt and the remarkable people who built the pyramids on the Giza Plateau. The thirty one imaginative and well-researched short stories in ETERNAL EGYPT tell the story of the priests, scribes, craftsmen and soldiers who served the plateau long after the last of the pyramids were built and the last pharaohs buried there. How was the plateau and this vast army of workers organised? For how long did the pyramids remain undisturbed? When were they first entered and looted? Who organised this robbing? What did the later pharaohs think of the enormous mountains of stone, far grander than their own Houses of Eternity? Finally, when was the plateau abandoned?
The stories in ETERNAL EGYPT examine these and many other questions, answering, or in the very least examining how the history of the plateau unfolded - from the collapse of Old Kingdom Egypt in 2100 B.C. through to the Roman annexation of Egypt in 30 B.C. It is the story of devotion and greed, sacrifice and betrayal, and many other human qualities that helps to bring this ancient time back to life once more.

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