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Something Greedy This Way Comes, Deadly Fairy Tales Book 3

Length: 344 pages5 hours


Locke embraces the magical legacy he wields, but it didn’t help him save the girl he loved. Now he’ll have to use everything he’s learned since the Seer’s death to safeguard Keleigh and find a magical object hidden and only whispered about for centuries.

By the light of the next blue moon, the ShiningOnes plan to infiltrate this realm and retrieve the mighty relic. The Elders are prepared to sacrifice anyone to acquire it. The Sisters will manipulate anyone to safeguard it. While every other witch in the Order whispers and warns about the artifact’s power, Locke and Keleigh follow clues from her mother’s message, hoping to retrieve it. But if Locke and Keleigh don’t locate the relic first, the battle brewing between sacred knowledge and modern communication will destroy everything—even their love.

When fairy tales hold ancient secrets, many may have to be revealed because something greedy this way comes.

The Seer, Book 1
All's Fair in Vanity's War, Book 2
Something Greedy This Way Comes, Book 3

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