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White Rock

Length: 42 pages37 minutes


Laura and Kathy White Rock live at the very edge of Navajoland, where few people visit. Their lives are mostly normal for young twins who reside deep in the middle of nowhere, except that on one particular day, a visitor changes their lives forever.

They come upon a wounded crow on the road. It looks as though they cannot do anything for the poor creature, but as they carry it home, neither anticipates the journey that lies ahead. It is an adventure that will take the sisters into a strange land, hidden just behind their house. They will follow the crow through ancient sandstone monoliths, into an impossibly green valley guarded by a bear with obsidian eyes, and to a secret world where the crow will be able to cross into the next existence before the chindis (dark spirits) come to collect its soul. Laura and Kathy will have to remain strong, side by side, and face the evil that gathers at their feet, its hollow eyes fixed on the light that glows from within them.

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