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JavaScript Fundamentals: JavaScript Syntax, What JavaScript is Use for in Website Development, JavaScript Variable, Strings, Popup Boxes, JavaScript Objects, Function, and Event Handlers

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This is a guide on how to use JavaScript to give dynamic features to a static website, development of web base applications through the knowledge of JavaScript Variable, Operators, Boolean, Even Handlers, Strings, Popup Boxes, Maths object e.t.c . It also entails other areas of application of JavaScript outside the Web. 

What You will Learn: 
*JavaScript Syntax 
*What JavaScript is Use for in Website Development. 
*Types of JavaScript 
*Where You can Place JavaScript 
*Javascript Display Methods 
*Popup Boxes 
*Date and Time 
*Event Handlers 
*Colors in HTML Document using JavaScript. 
*Repeated Performance 
*Document Formatting 
*Event Object 
*JavaScript Variable 
*JavaScript Operators 
*JavaScript Booleans 
*JavaScript Math Object 
*JavaScript uses Outside Web Pages.

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JavaScript Fundamentals - Steven Bright

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