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God’s Constitution For Mankind

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The Lord our God provided mankind with all the answers to most questions relating to human living. As the Authority over the Heavens and the Earth, it was God responsibility to ensure that law and order prevailed among all the creatures of the Earth for their continued survival. An absence of law and order creates chaos, confusion, disintegration and the extinction of any species of any group of creatures, including humans. It is ‘the law of natural survival’. God’s statutes and ordinances therefore provide mankind with the means and answers to eternal life.

This book serves to remind those with the knowledge, and educate those without the knowledge of the majority of God’s laws and commandments. His spoken words and commands are extracted from the scriptures word for word in order to avoid distortions of both contents and meanings. It is a fact that the re-writing, recopying and translations of the scriptures into various languages has resulted in a lot of errors, omissions and misrepresentations of the original meanings.

The doctrine of the Ten Commandments is one case in point. This book questions the validity and possible origins of that doctrine. It acknowledges the Ten Commandments as the first Ten Commandments, but disagrees on the set limit of the number. The scriptures show that there are hundreds of God’s laws and commandments covering every sphere of human life which has been ignored partly because the doctrine of the Ten Commandments blocks people’s views. This books seeks to unblock and open people’s eyes. References are also made from New Testament on the teaching of Jesus Christ in relation to the laws and commandments of God.

In this book some laws and commandments have at times been grouped together, if their meanings and intentions are of a similar nature, and for easier reference.

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