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Transitions: A Transgender Collection

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Three romantic and sensual tales of men becoming the person they were born to be and finding hot, passionate love in the process.

"I Was Turned at the Costume Party"
Jamie is invited to his girlfriend's costume party. At her suggestion and with her help, he dresses as a woman. Circumstances force her to be late but she urges him to go alone. "Be the part," she says. Jamie is having the time of her life as the belle of the ball when she catches the eye of a tall black man dressed as Dracula. He is charming and seductive. "I'm not..." explains Jamie. He leans in so that only she can hear and says, "I know exactly what you are."

"Caught! By His Roommate's Boyfriend"
Avery liked his roommate and her things, especially her boyfriend. When she was away at work, he would sneak into her room and try on her lingerie, even going as far as buying a wig to really get the full effect. And then, one day, her boyfriend catches him. To his surprise, the man actually encourages him to stop holding back!

"The 50-Year-Old New Gurl"
By the time he reached fifty, he had resigned himself to being alone. That was before he met Penny. He was supposed to be with his work buddies at a dance club but he had slipped out to grab a hot dog next door. That's where he met her. She was smart, funny, and drop-dead beautiful. He was smitten. But when his pals embarrassed them both by calling her a "tranny," he chooses to chase after her. She introduces him to a world of possibility he never knew existed and changes his life, forever.

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