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Big Girls Do It Better books 1: 4, Kimmie, Star, Tammie, Polly

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A compilation of erotic stories that follow four big beautiful college girls on their quests to lose their innocence (and maybe find love) Each story tells the tale of one girl - Kimmie, Star, Tammie and Polly.
Kimmie, like her twin sister, Tammie, and their three best friends, Star, Polly and Andrea, isn't as experienced as she'd like to be in the ways of love and they hatch a plan to fix the problem. Where can a BBW college girl find a little action? At a fraternity party, of course. Faster than you can say beer goggles, Kimmie and friends are on their way to having the experience of a lifetime. Will these ladies lose their V cards? Tune in to find out. This is Kimmie's story.
I was worried when my friend Kimmie snagged not one, but two hot frat boys, as soon as we walked through the door at the party. I worried that maybe I’d lost my ‘star’ power. But no, I still had it, and one who was meant to be mine - the one fate intended to initiate me into the ways of love - soon found me.
Hi, my name is Star. I, and four of my closest friends, Kimmie, Tammie, Andrea and Polly, made a pact to rid ourselves of our innocence once and for all. How would we do it? By crashing frat parties, where anything goes. We were big beautiful women, babes with tons to offer...we just had to find the right men for the job. Will we succeed? Follow along and find out. This is my story.
Tammie doesn’t want to go to the frat party. She’d rather chill in her room, watching movies and sipping cola. The last thing she’s interested in is being pawed by a drunken, slobbering college guy. Things go from bad to worse when she bumps into her high school nemesis, now big man on campus, Conall Alexander...or do they? After a talk with one of her best friends, Tammie realizes her high school assumptions about this hunky jock were all a case of crossed wires and miscommunication. Will she be brave enough to take a chance on love with this sexy Scottish hunk? Read along and find out!
I wasn’t too enthusiastic about crashing a frat party where big girls like me were discouraged, but everyone else in my group rushed inside and disappeared so I didn’t have much choice. Being partial to the underdog, I hung around the door, worried about the tall skinny guy who was supposed to have kept us out - and before long, was glad I had. Poor Bernie was getting his ass chewed for letting us in by a guy who looked like Fred from the Scoobie movie. Being me, soon I was in the middle of the disagreement, defending the sweet geek from the hot bully, Leonard. And that’s just the first half hour of my adventure. Will I end up going home alone? Will I score Freddie (Leonard)...or will I bag the cute geek? Read along and find out with me, Polly, in book 4 of the Big Girls Do It Better series!

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