Word Magic: Tested Answers to 100 Everyday Situations

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Word Magic: Tested Answers to 100 Everyday Situations

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About ten years ago, a newspaper man developed an idea for increasing sales through a more effective use of words. Now, Elmer Wheeler, its originator, has put into this new book the fundamental principles responsible for his success and has adapted them to help you meet those many personal situations confronting you at home, in the office, and in society.

No matter who you are, no matter what your position in life is, you depend upon words for your success and happiness. The right words can win you a job, a wife, or a promotion. The wrong words can lose friends for you in social life, block your progress in business, or make you miss your big chance.

Adopting a keen, homely, back-to-the-woods philosophy, Mr. Wheeler has taken an ordinarily serious subject and dramatized it so that anyone can put it to immediate and practical use.
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