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The Creative Entrepreneur #1: The Creative Entrepreneur, #1

Length: 164 pages1 hour


What do successful creative entrepreneurs do? The answer may surprise you.  

You may have read the books, attended seminars, studied the craft. But if your version of success is still eluding you, it's time for something different. Real different.

Here you'll find nuts and bolts, how-to information, inner work exercises, and insider biz secrets. This unique book blows the lid off the deceptively simple recipe for freelance success. Examples:
~  You control only one thing in this biz. Find out what it is inside.
~  Discover a dominant trait most creative-types possess. Outsiders may find it irritating, but it's essential.
~  Ferret out behavior patterns that serve you, that hinder you, and how to harness their power.
~  Discover how the concept of “soaking” can improve your creativity.
~  Check out the “Tale of Two Writers.” Heed the message or suffer the consequences.
~  Earning the big bucks is great. But this is way better. (Plus, if you do this, the big bucks will follow.)
~  If you don't tend to this, you're sunk. It's not what you probably think. 
~  What's more powerful than competence? The answer's inside these pages.

   Beth Ann Erickson is a decades long freelancer (since 1995), publisher of Writing Etc., the free zine for Creative Entrepreneurs, copywriter, author, and Internet Marketing expert. You can connect with her at

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