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Zero the Slightly Clumsy Elf

34 pages12 minutes


Santa and the elves have been making presents for the children for many years at the North Pole workshop and everything has been going very well. Sometimes, however, one of the elves does something unexpected. When Zero accidentally breaks the toy assembly line, he almost causes some children to go without their presents. Santa is a little upset with Zero, and Zero wants Santa to be happy again. He devises a plan to do something no elf has ever done: sneak onto Santa’s sleigh as he’s delivering the presents to the children. But this adventure backfires when Zero gets into some mischief, and Santa is even more upset. In the end, Zero finds a way to bring a special Christmas spirit to some of the children of the world. Zero the Slightly Clumsy Elf, a sequel to How Santa Discovered the Elves, shares a holiday story full of Christmas cheer.

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