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Fractured & Other Out of The Box Thoughts

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What is my fair share of what you earn? This question, as well as others, are tackled within these pages.

I am not PC, and I don’t shy away from “touchy subjects.”

Why?  Why are we in the mess that we find ourselves? Through years of writing about politics and other events, I have created a unique book with my perspective on current events as well as some rather unique life lessons.

Within these pages you will be entertained, cajoled, possibly made fun of and most importantly you will be informed.  As an out of the box thinker and what those test that we take to evaluate us and put us into some box; I am what is known as a visionary. 

Does that mean that I see visions or that I think outside the box?  I think the later.

A geek, most of my life, found me with books and experiments to occupy my time.  When the reality of life hit that I must earn money to eat, and stay warm, I put those talents to work and quickly found myself in roles in companies where I was responsible for much!  Trusted with extraordinary budgets and for the direction of many businesses where their technology was concerned, I applied my craft.

Many of those lessons learned are also within these pages.

I also speak directly to the Millennials as they are the future that we must address.  Currently, the millennials seem for the most part on the wrong path.  When millions voted for Bernie Sanders, a Socialist, well that is telling! Inside you will find some of my thoughts on this.

Universal Fees and Taxes are not Socialism, by the way; it is theft!  Taking money from your pocket and given part of it to others is just theft!

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