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Knight Fall

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They're vampire detectives, and to do their job they must fight their attraction ... until they can't.

Valerie Knight and Devon Fall are vampires. They are also detectives in New Atlanta who are chasing a violent sociopath who targets registered prostitutes. Valerie has always kept herself isolated. She has a difficult time trusting anyone after a past in which her Master used and abused her and forced her to treat humans as nothing more than chattel. The past haunts her so much that she can't completely give in to her instinctive desires. Devon Fall is her handsome and mysterious new partner who has some secrets of his own.

As they track down the vile perpetrator, Val and Devon dance around their attraction to each other. Every movement seems to bring them closer to the inevitable passion, but Valerie tries desperately to hold him at arm's length. She's never given her heart to anyone, and she can't imagine ever being vulnerable to another of her kind after what her Master put her through.

When Valerie's life is threatened by someone from her past, Devon must race to save her from the clutches of her formidable enemy. Can he be her more ways than one? Can Valerie put the past behind her and give in to the passion she feels every time she's near Devon?

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