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Matthew - Bible Reading Guide with Sentence Block Diagram - Structure & Theme: Bible Reading Guide, #1

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This is a Bible study method called "Block Sentence Diagramming".  This is an EXCELLENT Tool for Bible Expositors, Pastors, Bible study Leaders, Sunday School teachers.

The Bible is a book written over a span of 4500 years, by almost 40 writers who hailed from different cultures and language groups. Thus the 66 books of the Bible need to be analyzed in their own culture, language, and context if one has to understand the message clearly. This is easier said than done.

Many methods have come up to understand the message of the Bible objectively, and each method contributes something or other to the cumulative task of clarifying the message.

The Sentence-Block-diagram method is one of these approaches which yields fascinating insights into what was said. More so because this type of analysis clearly shows sentence connections in our language which connection might not be obvious immediately.

I learned this sentence diagramming approach to study the Bible in the seminary and in the last 30 years in my ministry, I have been using this to prepare all my sermons and Bible studies.

You will see the Entire Book structured in Sentence Block Diagram Form.

This is a non-conventional method of Bible studies. It is to make the whole book in block sentence diagram so that you can absorb the major themes using this visual method.

You do not read into the text. The text stands out for you to isolate the themes and subject matters easily!

1. Once you know the focus of each section, you can easily compile your own Bible Study notes.

2. You don't need to depend on Bible study outlines done by others. You would know the right questions to ask and discover the answers yourself through meditative studies.

3. When you see the final lay out of the sentence block diagram, you will have ready made (at least) 10 thematic sermons to preach with insights & great content.

This series of Sentence Diagram Bible Study guide can be used for:

1. Personal Devotions
2. Bible study Preparations
3. Sermons
4. Sunday School
5. Personal Growth and spiritual enrichment

Enjoy! Enjoy!

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