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Akbar Chaniago, an Indonesian army general’s son, who recently graduated high school, continues his education at a college in San Francisco. The 19-year-old was a boy headed for trouble, but his father hoped the responsibility and overseas life experience would change his son’s attitude. In fact the culture shock does make him change, but not in the way his father hoped for...

Ackbar and his roommate explore San Francisco together and find an opportunity for supplementary income at an Asian cafe. There, they find employment as "plumbers" with an Asian mafia family. The family know of Ackbar's VIP father and are impressed to have the son as part of their crime organization. The two boys, eager for supplementary income, as most students are, quickly find success with the mafia family. It never crosses their minds that an organization, so easy to join, may not be quite as easy to leave. Their spare-time activities cuts into their study time, leaving them with falling grades that are not easy to explain to their families. Meanwhile their success on the job has them climbing the ladder of success within the crime family.

Disturbed by his son's falling grades, the general soon appears in San Francisco, with the entire family in tow. Using profits from his illegal activities, Ackbar puts them up in a 5-star hotel, and makes hollow promises to his father to improve his grades, while hoping the can find a way to permanently escape his studies, his father's wrath and the crime family, while seeking a more acceptable way to earn a living in his adopted country.

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