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Enforcing Your Dominion

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God is the controller of the universe including your life. God cannot be taken aback. His weapons are called little but they bring great exploits. When the dominion is in action, ways will be created where there is none. When the dominion is in action, all the enemies involved will be given unusual death. God has provided for your dominion and liberty is for the people who are born again. Don’t be afraid of any outbreak of disease it will not come near you. When God covers you under his feather when you under his shadow and under his feather you can’t have family problems, you can’t have any evil, and there cannot be exchange of blows in your house. How does he do it? By sending His angels to surround you, not only that they will surround you and bring you speedily to your miracles in Jesus name.

The Bible said in Psalm 34:7 “the angel of the Lord encampeth about them that fear him and delivereth them, and I will know that the hands of the Lord will deliver you in Jesus name. He uses his dominion to cripple your enemy so that they are not able to do anything. It is costly to be foolish, what are we saying, you are not permitted to be foolish, and lions have absolute confidence. Dignified type of life style, governance, gesture living honorably, they are prestigious and they are animals of wisdom. You are the offshoot of the lion of Judah you must find where the anointing is flowing. The secret of explosive success is walking in dominion and you must walk in dominion today.


God is waiting for you to initiate it. If you do not do anything God will not do anything. If you fold your arms, God will fold His hands. But when you enforce your dominion using the strategies listed in this book. God in response will take your dominion for you. I see you walking in liberty. I see you reigning and ruling. When you have read through this book, you will begin to rule the rest of your life.

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