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The Terrible Trows

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A full story rhyming text for boys who are ‘reluctant’ readers, but who are also far too grown-up for kids picture books!

Mike Newman is a qualified teacher and professional freelance writer. Although he specializes in medical writing occasionally he strays from the norm, follows his heart and writes for children.

To date Mike has created over 100 picture books for a teaching establishment in Beijing. He is though aware that many children, and for myriad reasons, struggle through life without ever having confidence in themselves as readers. It is with these children in mind that Mike most often writes - the reluctant reader.

Mythical creatures from every culture litter the history of man. From witches to fairies, through to ogres and dragons, our imaginations have always allowed us to believe in creatures who inhabit our world, but who are seen only by the special few.

In one of the remotest regions of Scotland, the inhabitants of the islands known as Orkney, also have beings who, when the lights are out, when they innocently sleep, invade their lives just to make things a little more interesting ... Please may I introduce, The Terrible Trows!

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