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To Taste Her Smile

286 pages4 hours


Ethan Cassio didn't expect to lose his young wife; or how long it would take to move on and feel like he can breathe again without her. It's been two years since her accident, and even though his fast-growing app development company makes huge gains and successes like he never dreamed possible, he still holds an emptiness inside, living with the idea that he will never find that magic again. But when he walks into the new French bakery in the lobby of his office building, his expectations are shaken by the green eyed, red haired vixen behind the display case of colorful treats and goodies. All he can think of is how badly he wants to have every one of his senses completely overtaken by her. Through a resurgence of his long-dormant romantic charm and unexpected drive to be close to a woman again, he's taken along a fun, tender, and erotic ride on an emotional tidal wave that raises him high, plummets him low, and finally reveals that he's investing in something he may not be built to handle.

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