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The Problem With Martha

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Martha Sheridan, the daughter of a wealthy oil tycoon and a student at Princeton University, witnessed something that she shouldn’t have seen. Now, she is the target of foreign spies entered into our country illegally. Fortunately, an intervention saved the life of the attractive co-ed for the moment, but a more permanent plan need to be devised to hide the girl from a deadly danger.
Can Tim and Buddy formulate a workable solution? They need a scheme which would rescue Martha for all time. And, as it turns out, in a world where reality crashes against perceptions, we discover that the more bizarre the plan, the more successful it becomes. And out of the two key elements of this plan, one is determined to not be alive, and the other is a murderer.
Will Martha accept the plan? Does she have any other choice? In order to participate, Martha will have to die!

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