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In Medias Res

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Janet harbours a long-held fantasy of having sex with two men at the same time, which she and her husband, Dan, occasionally re-enact in bed together. When a good friend of her husband, Art, visits from America, Janet discovers that the two men share a sexual past in the form of a threesome with Art's then girlfriend. During the final evening of Art's stay, the two friends 'manufacture' the threesome scenario, without first asking Janet. But, is the encounter to fulfil Janet's fantasy or one of theirs? Does it even matter when the result is the same?

"We shared a girl once in college," was Dan's glib reply when I asked. "Art's come to return the favour." Yea, right! Dan had a huge grin on his face so I assumed he was winding me up.

I don't know why the idea of exposure thrilled me, yet my whole body tingled with anticipation. I reached up and removed my bra, impatient to show this commanding man my breasts. Dan muttered a low, territorial growl in warning. I ignored him. He had forfeited any right of complaint as soon as his foot pushed my thighs open.

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