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The Magical Sea Off Yura

Length: 134 pages1 hour


Seventeen-year-old Luna Stevens is in Japan with her mom to celebrate Great-Uncle Jiro's ninetieth birthday. Bored with all the old relatives she's surrounded by, Luna steps outside and is drawn to the sea. She slips and falls into the water and is rescued by a dashing young man when a loud siren goes off and he tells her that she must run for her life. She's stunned to learn that it's 1945 and there's a war going on. Her savior appears to be her great-grandfather Ichiro, a young kamikaze pilot who is training to take off on a suicide mission.

Luna finds her way to Ichiro's house where she is welcomed by a younger version of her great-grandmother Wakako as she discovers what life is like in a small town in wartime Japan. She starts to see that Ichiro isn't nearly as undetatched as he may seem and is torn by the desire to bring him back to 2017 so he won't have to kill himself in battle - if she can figure out how to go back herself, that is - when she realizes that it's June 1945, less than two months remaining until nearby Hiroshima will be struck by the world's first atomic bomb.

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