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Indoor Gardening: 11 Lessons on How to Grow Exotic Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs in Your Home

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Have you wanted fresh, delicious fruits outside of their regular growing season and been forced to deal with the over-priced, air-lifted options at the supermarket? 

You’re not alone. Many people have seen the revolution in grow your own produce and started to look into this fun and potentially profitable hobby.

Never again will you have to settle for just okay out of season fruits, vegetables and herbs. Instead, you’ll have access to a cornucopia of delicious, nutritious and healthful options, straight from the grow your own garden in your home.
Growing your own fruits and vegetables helps make you more independent. Instead of relying on the supply chains of multi-national companies who are concerned more with efficiency than quality, you can trust your own ability to produce great tasting food, without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, genetically modified seeds and other harmful products. It’s about your choices.

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