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Whispers Under the Baobab

Length: 290 pages3 hours


The old lady is dead, but she could still destroy him.
When rebel leader, Sidu Diagho, learns that reporter Flo Mc Allister has died, he knows that her power to destroy him is still very much alive.

Flo was with him during the coup attempts. She saw everything, yet has remained silent all these years. But Sidu could still be tried at The Hague for his crimes with her notes the testimony needed to convict him.

Sidu is not the only one seeking to unravel the truth through Flo’s records. How much does Flo’s young friend Brit know? And Flo’s son and his wife? What did Flo tell them?

Sidu will do what he must to find and destroy the evidence against him.
Whispers Under the Baobab: A thrilling mystery—notes in code, unsent love letters—the story weaving from past to present as the characters race to solve Flo’s puzzles.
Buy Whispers Under the Baobab to join the hunt and perhaps shed a tear or two.

Sequel to When the Sun was Mine.

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