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Letters of May – Anthology 2017 - Julie Alcin

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"I am not a sick person, I am someone managing an illness. This illness doesn't define me. It is not who I am.

I am not a problem just waiting to be fixed. I am not an attention seeker. I deserve to be loved and heard, like everyone else.

I am human. I am beautiful. I am me"

-The Mental Health Foundation of Sint Maarten for collaborating with me for the Letters of May Art Workshop

-Allysa Hart for donating such an amazing cover

-Stacey and Ameenah for helping proofread the anthology

And to everyone who submitted

You are truly amazing, and I appreciate all of you

ABOUT Escaping The Vault:

Launched in 2016, Escaping The Vault is a community for people with mood disorders to express themselves and those who are interested in art and psychology.

My mission is to:

Educate people about mood disorders.

Inspire people to become stronger.

Encourage people not to give up.

Change the mind-set of people who take mood disorders as a joke.


Don't choose suicide. Choose art therapy

Suffering isn't comedy. There’s nothing funny about dying inside out

Even the moon glows beautifully in the pitch black darkness. We're all moons here


Are you interested in sharing your artwork, short stories, poems and short videos/ animation. Read the Submission Guidelines.

If you are a blogger or writer interested in the subject of psychology (the mind, mood disorders & etc.) & would love to raise awareness of how serious mood disorders are and help prevent suicide, please take a look at the Bloggers Support Week page.


Letters of May is a part of Escaping the Vault, divided into two: Letters of May Anthology & Letters of May – The Movement. While Letters of May Anthology consists only of writing & art, Letters of May – The Movement consists of writing, art, videos, songs and beyond anything people can come up with to raise awareness for mental health.

The goal of Letters of May is to give hope, show how it feels to live with a mental illness and educate all in a form of a letter. Not only will this be an anthology, it will be a website where people can submit their works & help spread the awareness.

To submit your work, simply contact Escaping The Vault on Facebook or the email you received during the Introduction to Letters of May.

The Mental Health Foundation is the leading secondary healthcare provider in mental health on St. Maarten and has been operational since 2006.

The MHF currently has seven care products; clinic care, crisis management, psychiatric home health care, day treatment center, short stay/long stay apartments, admission ward, information and prevention and supporting departments such as administration, facilities (kitchen, cleaning, maintenance and security) and HR, that work diligently for the mental health concerns of our community. The MHF currently has 40 full time employees and a handful of part time employees.

The Mental Health Foundation provides psychiatric and psychological services to a group of more than 1,000 inhabitants of St. Maarten, a significant number that is still growing. The Mental Health Foundation is a non-profit Foundation.

The foundations mission statement: 

To make available quality psychiatric care, based on agreed budgets and tariffs, by providing guidance and therapy to individuals and groups. The foundation hopes to prevent acute and unsafe situations for patients and families by recommending alternative lifestyles to individuals and families and monitoring their progress.

The vision::

The foundation maintains a professional and integral approach, broadly supported by the population and guaranteeing continuity of mental health care. All possible will be done to achieve the mission of the foundation by proposing innovations and participating in the planning and the execution of the innovations.

Highlights of the strategic plan 2015-2018:

In the period 2016-2018 MHF will continue to develop as a secondary provider and strengthens and preserves its position in the current regions. MHF is doing this by optimizing the current care proposition, whereby it makes clear the choices in respect to the products it will continue to deliver.

MHF feels that it has developed the care products to address the current demands in the community