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The Swallow's Storm: The Hayley Argent Cozy Mystery Series, #1

80 pages1 hour


A summer storm, a riderless horse, and a competition someone will do anything to win. 

A gelding named Hadrian has been driven mad by a storm. Now it’s down to Hayley Argent, horse psychologist, to see if he can be cured. It doesn’t take Hayley long to realise she hasn’t been told the whole truth about Hadrian’s accident.

The cause of the gelding’s madness is shrouded in a mystery that Hayley must solve. If she doesn’t, Hadrian will never be ridden again. 

With an important three day event competition on the horizon, Hayley starts to suspect that what happened that stormy night was no accident. Will she find out who is responsible for Hadrian’s downfall?

Hayley doesn’t have long to get to the bottom of what’s going on at the stables. Another storm is approaching and disaster is just a lightning strike away.

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