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Inside My Mind

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“The Witness”

Detective Mike Johnson has been on the police force for over forty years and faithful husband for just as long. He loves his beautiful wife Maureen, respects his partner Rosetta Stone, and hopes to retire sane and happy. Until one night, during an anniversary dinner with his wife and colleagues, he receives a call from Rosetta regarding a serial killer named Royce Clayton. For several weeks, the psychopath claimed five victims and then one night decides to turn himself over to the police however not as a murderer but as a witness.

“A Past Long Forgotten”

For years, Sam has taken care of his elderly father Doug, who never leaves the confines of his littered home and ancient television set. Even though the young man insists on his father leaving the cramped house for a better life at the senior living center. The house is in foreclosure and bills are piled sky high. One late evening, the two men view a show based on unsolved mysteries. Doug laughs at a particular segment based on an expensive Rembrandt painting that was stolen in the early 1990’s called Storms on the Sea of Galilee. A picture depicting Jesus on a small boat calming the storms of Galilee surrounded by his disciples. Deep within Doug’s cluttered and roach infested living quarters lays a secret that is worth millions.

“Into the Sun”

Torn between saving her twin brother Nicholas or allowing the Vampire race to run free, Naomi must decide which is important for humanity. Accompanied by father Matthew, a century old warrior, and her companions Johanna, a slick cursing, tattooed young girl and Lucas a sentimental but devoted young man. The ragtag group fight to defend their Werewolf bloodline from Sorceress Abigail, a newly crowned Vampire Queen who has her sights for young Nicholas.

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