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Grendel has selected his fourth victim...

Rookie detective Lisa Collier is left with more questions than answers when a video file of a brutal murder is found on an impounded computer; all she has to go on is grainy video footage of a masked killer.

But a lead from an improbable source provides her with an unlikely line of investigation and the new detective and her partner, veteran detective Jack Stanton, find themselves in a race against time to put together the pieces that will lead them to the killer. The hunt is on to stop Grendel before he gets to number four and “marks” yet another of his unfortunate victims with his grim signature.

This dark crime thriller will take you through the seedy underbelly of internet hijacking and into the noir underworld of online role playing games as the detectives run a breakneck investigation that ranges from remote Scottish villages to the docks of London. Janus will keep you captivated from start to finish.

Janus is the story of a killer who selects victims from within the world of an online roleplaying video game but who then kills them in the real world. As the geographical and social backgrounds of the victims are unrelated, those trying to catch the killer are faced with conventional complexities of a murder investigation combined with the issues surrounding finding the victims selected in the game.
The plotting of Janus is complex and is intricately crafted to swiftly propel the reader through the narrative. The novel utilises the Old English tale Beowulf to create an allegorical framework for the story as well as Roman mythology which embroiders the dark background in this tense thriller which hurtles the reader with the characters through increasingly dangerous, and darker, aspects of the plot. Janus is a contemporary thriller constructed to be fast-paced and hard to put down.

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