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Shame On Her Volume 4

Length: 59 pages58 minutes


Explore your wildest fantasies in a hot new series where women are stripped, shamed, and publicly humiliated before they’re coerced into degrading sexual acts, with a little blackmail or bribery as extra incentive. The action is so intense that sometimes the women get aroused themselves!

Each volume contains three short stories.

Volume 4 contains the stories “Shaming the Former Boss,” “Shaming the Weather Girl,” and “Shaming the Sisters.”


“Shaming the Former Boss” – In the sequel to “Shaming the Au Pair” from volume one in the series, hot young Mira finally gets revenge on the former boss who fired her and kicked her out of the house stark naked. Mira, now working as a massage therapist, returns the favor when she throws sexy middle-aged housewife Angie out of the spa without her clothes, and Angie has to ran around a shopping center in the nude as she tries to find something to wear and a way to get home.

“Shaming the Weather Girl” – Blonde weather girl Brittany can’t believe she has to wear a coconut bra and grass skirt to promote the upcoming Hawaii Festival while she gives her weather forecast. What she doesn’t know is that her evil boss has sabotaged the outfit to make it fall apart while Brittany is on live TV. As the naked girl runs around the news station in a panic, things get even wilder!

“Shaming the Sisters” – Two teen sisters on a Caribbean cruise get caught trying to steal endangered shells from a beach on one of the islands they visit. When security guards catch them, the two are forced to strip off their bikinis and go through a full-body search while the other cruise ship passengers watch!

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