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Frigate Quay

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On the New England coastline lies Frigate Quay, an idyllic community where the privileged class lives and plays. They also love their accordance with the rules.

Almost immediately after moving in, Meredith and her husband Wilson take to the lush lifestyle of the local society. It’s all parties and blissfully happy couples behaving like newlyweds.

But there’s something about Frigate Quay that seems not quite normal to Meredith. There’s a bit too much “familiarity” between neighbors, and it’s all taking place out in the open. It’s only when Meredith learns of the community’s shocking secret pact that it all starts to make sense.

It’s a perverse, depraved arrangement they have in Frigate Quay. Shocking. Immoral. And, worst of all, compellingly tempting for Meredith when she and Wilson are invited to join in on the fun.

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