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12 Steps On the Rocks With a Twist - Happy Hour

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Are you contemplating quitting drugs or alcohol? Was your last drink, hit, push or snort a day or so ago? Are you thinking to yourself “I have to stop this craziness?” "12 Steps On the Rocks With a Twist - Happy Hour" may be the place for you to start.

In "Happy Hour", I share with you "How I Became a Charlie." and "Quit Whining and Work for It." from my book "12 Steps On the Rocks With a Twist - A Few Sips of Early Recovery." Also included is a realistic look at the Opioid epidemic called "Heroin 101: You Need To Read This."

Too many people have gone beyond their rock bottom. I hope you don’t. I hope you can gather the strength, the hope, the belief and the balls to quit using drugs and alcohol. I hope for your happiness, joy, freedom and serenity - you may not feel it now; but, I can promise you it is out there.

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