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Intermittent Fasting: Time to Eat! The 10 Step Beginners Guide Easily Lose Weight & Live a Healthy Life: Healthy Life Book

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'If you continue one–day weekly fasting throughout the year, it will improve the constitution and heal the diseases. One–day fasting mostly eliminates fatigue of the internal organs. There are many cases when the early stage of diabetes was cured only because the pancreas could relax for a few days of fasting.'

It turned out that in the ancient times, patients were treated with fasting by Hippocrates, Avicenna, Paracelsus, and other physicians. Currently, there are already plenty of scientific data revealing the mechanism of the therapeutic effect of fasting which stimulates the metabolism, rejuvenates the body and prevents aging. The most surprising thing here is that after such fasting therapy you look like you've spent one day in a SPA center.

By the way, a short–term fasting has another surprising effect, besides cleaning and a significant improvement in appearance. It is represented by increasing the power of fancy and the ability to create. For example, John Lennon, one of the legendary "Beatles," practiced meditation and was fond of fasting. As like as not, his creative inspiration in the sphere of music became the result of not his talent and busy work only, but also the periodic refusal of hog and hominy.

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