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The Complete Poems of Christina Rossetti

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Ranked among the finest English poets of the nineteenth century, Christina Rossetti is a widely read, though not widely imitated poet recognized for her devotional poetry, influenced by the religious conservatism and asceticism of the Church of England. This complete collection of poems includes her most renowned work, "Goblin Market," as well as "The Prince's Progress," and a vast array of love lyrics, sonnets, hymns, ballads and sprightly verses for children. Rossetti's poetry is remarkable for its clarity and simplicity of diction in dealing with themes of truth, beauty, love, death, heavenly joys and earthly pleasures, and purity of faith. These poems, broad in their range of subject matter and variety of verse form, continue to spark scholarly study and debate throughout the world. However, these endearing works of inward contemplation and timeless vision will inspire and delight readers of all ages.

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