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Europe Arise

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In War against Whites anti-White racism blames ethnic-Europeans for their part in history whilst promoting non-White cultures.
Racist media degrades European culture, values and Christian religions. Whites alone are coerced into believing their ethnicity shameful and inferior.
European children are brainwashed to accept the Marxist mantra of equality; their being less equal to others whilst religions and cultures of non-Whites are promoted.
Europeans are singled out for ethnic cleansing by anti-White construct; laws to prevent criticism, family reduction and social dissolution through race-mixing. Media mocks pro-European sentiment and resistance and distracts with trivia.
Europeans are brainwashed to accept an inferior status are guilty by race, and must compensate by adopting inferior status. Europeans are now victims of anti-White racism in pro-race-mixing media.
EUROPE ARISE is a 5-minute to midnight wake up call for proud ethnic Europeans everywhere. Now join the resistance.

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