The World Of Agile:Incarnation Of DevOps

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The World Of Agile:Incarnation Of DevOps

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Agile software development history doesn't begin with the Agile Manifesto—its roots go back much earlier. Due to application development crisis in the early 1990’s as part of the innovative PC computing, which suggests that industries were to wait for an approximate period of 3 years before seeing the first version of the software? Since the PC world was overwhelming and software developments were lagging due to waterfall methodologies, it made the industry leaders frustrated. Out of several examples, the adaptive SDLC process of Waterfall method hit so many industries like, manufacturing, Aerospace, Defence, Food & Beverages, Agriculture .etc. A few of the examples of them are: A new car was taking about 6 years to be launched from its vault whereas AT&T was broken to such an extent that its leaders were whispering as if like new born babies. Apart from these, one of the disaster example as seen in 1990 was, Dod & Space shuttle program of USA, which made its operational launch is 1982 was using the technologies and processes from 1962.

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