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Rain unto Death: Rex Muse, #1

Length: 316 pages4 hours


A U.S. Army Ranger named Alex Dahl is wrongly accused and convicted of murdering his commanding officer by court martial. He manages to escape the throes of military incarceration and likely death, and is thrust in to the dark underworld of private contract intelligence under a new identity, Rex Muse.

Rex is employed by Simon Bowe, who runs a private agency that outsources intelligence, espionage, and security services to the major intelligence agencies and high level corporate entities. His first major assignment finds him entangled with an airborne terrorist plot that has the potential to make a nuclear attack look like a grade school playground fight in comparison.

He’s young, he’s green, and he’s learning. He’s slightly romantic, has strained relations with the opposite gender, and he’s one hundred percent badass. He walks a tightrope between survival and injustice, all the while searching for the answers that can clear his name.

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