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Tantra, Lusty Lee Log 28

Length: 31 pages25 minutes


Jack and Lee head south to Jamaica for a week at Hedonism II. The first workshop was an introduction to controlled breathing. Day two was yoga, day three meditation. The forth workshop focused on sharing love—unconditional positive regard—first with words, then inside each other’s minds. Day five was the scariest—sharing deepest and darkest secrets.

On the sixth day they learned how to charm the snake and to release its power up their spines. On the sixth day they were allowed to make love, not just with their minds, but with their bodies too!

Thus released, Jack and Lee raced back to their room where they stripped wordlessly out of our clothes. They stood back to back, their bums and shoulders touching, eyes shut, feeling each breath. The deeper they breathed, the more powerful they became, their awareness expanding, their bodies expanding. Becoming giants.

They turned to face each other. Words were unnecessary. Their consciousness was one. Their lovemaking was organic, flowing as needed, unbidden, unforced, natural. Their hands and fingers fluttered over each other’s body, not touching, at least not touching physically. But Lee could feel Jack feeling her energy and smiling up and down his spine. She could feel his lingam chanting joy into her yoni, warming her with bliss. She could feel her nipples singing to his fingers...

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