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Things Turn Up

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When the President of the United States is assassinated Defense Investigation Bureau Special Agent Jackson Bailey and his crack team of agents are assigned to solve the case.
In no time Bailey realizes there’s a space alien working undercover in the White House and it was the alien who had ordered the assassination. The billionaire investor in the next office over had been the dead President’s best friend and remains the national leader of the repressive Loyalty Squads he helped found. Was the friend also involved in the assassination, or is he just in on the cover up?
Their joint attempt to seize control by kidnapping the new President fails. As civil war breaks out across the nation, Jackson and his team close in on both culprits.
But what of the new President’s destructive plan to carry the American economy back to the nineteenth century?
What of the other aliens waiting in their ship out beyond Jupiter for the conquest of earth?
What of the terrestrial climate changes the aliens have worked to exacerbate?
And what of the other visitors, appearing as nothing but a mysterious lighted doorway in the sky hovering above first the assassination, then the battles? More aliens? From where? In search of what?
To assure their world’s survival Jackson and his team have to solve that mystery, too.

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