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Facesitting Lesson

Length: 17 pages12 minutes


In her early 30s and with a figure to kill for, Katie is no stranger to compliments, innuendos and inappropriate comments from staff that work in the cafe.

The busty blonde is more than able to handle the comments and it certainly doesn’t deter her from wearing the tightest outfits she can find when running the town’s popular cafe.

She finds the majority of her staff are respectful but Thom who has started recently has taken a strong attraction to her ass and made a number of inappropriate comments.

Katie ponders for a long time on how to handle the situation to best teach the horny male a lesson.

And after he ‘accidentally’ slaps her ass one morning, she pulls him into the office and teases him.

She tells Thom states she knows he is attracted to her and to one particular part of her body, and if he is willing to forgo two weeks wages, she’ll introduce him to a new side of her ass.

Thom quickly jumps at the chance, and a date is set.

That evening, Thom takes the busty young Katie back to her place, both a little tipsy from the booze. As the action starts to heat up, Katie navigates Thom to perform on her orally and on her ass.

Slowly yet cruelly, the seductive blonde starts to smother Thom and teaches him a lesson in humility as she performs a long and intense session of facesitting and ass worship.


This 3000 word erotica short story contains explicit erotic scenes of first time femdom, full weight facesitting, female domination, smothering and a older woman facesitting a younger man intent on teaching him a lesson in respect and humility and should be enjoyed by adults only.

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