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Other Japan: Voices Beyond the Mainstream

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Japan conjures up images of tea ceremonies, serene gardens, and Shinto shrines; of a society fascinated by high-tech gadgets; of men in suits taking over the world economy; of a rapacious destroyer of the environment. But for David Suzuki and Keibo Oiwa, the country holds far more connotations and nuances.Together, Suzuki and Oiwa traveled throughout Japan, interviewing men and women who would show them another side of the country. They met artists and farmers, grocers and teachers, TV reporters and scientists, aboriginal peoples and "untouchables." Ultimately, they discovered people with a concern for peace, a passion for ancestral ways, and a love of community, with a determination to fight against environmental destruction. It is these people—their stories, their beliefs, and their hopes for the future—that Suzuki and Oiwa bring to life in The Other Japan.

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