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Green Tea, Black Guinness, Red Wine

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The novel’s uniqueness is its setting in the North of Ireland and the focus on serving police officers with the Police Service of Northern Ireland, formerly the Royal Ulster Constabulary, portraying both the mix of tragedy and humour encountered in their on and off duty activities.
The aim is to convey the reality of present day life in the North of Ireland, whilst also looking back at episodes that the former Royal Ulster Constabulary officers were involved in during ‘the Troubles’.
The novel also provides a patchwork of terrorist and criminal incidents dealt with by the various characters, rather than one major crime.
Place names and descriptions are genuine, as are the police procedures and policies referred to throughout.
It is in the main humorous, with a bit of pathos added, and most of the characters and events are a blend of real life incidents, serious and comical.
The author was a Counter Terrorist Detective with the Royal Ulster Constabulary/PSNI, working in staunch protestant loyalist and catholic republican areas in Belfast.
He received Her Majesty the Queens Commendation for Brave Conduct during his service in Belfast.

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