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Dark Confluence (The Darkening': A Contemporary Dark Fantasy Trilogy Book 1)

Length: 226 pages3 hours


It’s just another ordinary day for Jen McDonald. Until she slams on her brakes and narrowly misses hitting a shrouded woman. Disorientated and stumbling from her car, she’s stunned to discover that the woman has disappeared.
Unbeknownst to Jen, that event is the catalyst for many others in the small Australian town of Emerald Hills.
In another part of town, a witch rises up determined to gain more power, influence, and wealth, setting into motion a series of catastrophic episodes.
People vanish, only to be later found dead, animals are mutilated, children go missing, a strange group of pale men and women show up, odd and unearthly creatures are sighted, and the townsfolk appear to be entranced.
It is clear that something dark and sinister is coming, and it’s determined to take over the town.
Author of the epic fantasy Riothamus trilogy, Rosemary Fryth brings to her readers Dark Confluence, the first book in The Darkening trilogy.

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