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The World Famous Genghis Khan was a Kyrgyz

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The first edition of this book, The Almighty Genghis Khan was a Kyrgyz, was published in 2015, by Turar Publishers in Kyrgyzstan, with the print run of 1,000 copies. Originally, the work started with an article in Kyrgyz, published in Zhany Ordo, a popular independent newspaper, as well as in Erkin Too, the official paper of the Kyrgyz Republic, and Zhetigen magazine; a Russian translation of the article also ran in the Kyrgyz weekly The Money and Power. The article was discussed in two different programs on Kyrgyz Public Radio and Television. In February 2016, its author, historian and activist Begish Amatov, presented his findings at the conference held under the aegis of the Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences and its current President Abdygany Erkebayev. The discussion was joined by twenty-five leading Kyrgyz scholars, and after a heated debate and many controversial opinions, the Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences recognized Mr. Amatov’s research as a contribution to public service, dedicated to the Kyrgyz people. It was another important step in researching and disseminating historical data.

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