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(Volume II) Ideas and Inspiration for Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers

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This sourcebook is for all writers of fantasy or science fiction--whether novels, short stories, games, or any other form of storytelling.

The following topics are covered:

Animals Without Ancestors
Armor Made From Unusual Materials
Battle Hymn of Lieutenant Calley, The
Bayer Corporation and Haemophiliac Blood Products
Bees, the, Telling
Big Alien Theory, The
Booth, Mark
Castaneda, Carlos
Cats, King of the, The
Cities, Imaginary
Communication Between Humans and Other Species
Dali, Salvador, Childhood of
Demons, Christian
Dueling and Related Customs in Europe and North America
Dunbar, Bobby
Faith Healers, Methods of
Flower Wars
Fragging In the Vietnam War
Glass Delusion, The, and Delusions of Horns
Gloomy Sunday
Hancock, Graham
Hilbert Hotel, The
Hsu Fu
Hubbard, L. Ron, and Scientology
Ideas From Public Domain Fiction
Ilyumzhinov, Kirsan
Lanz, Adolf Joseph
Life, Long-Term Dangers To
Measurement, Units of
Memories Stored In the Body Other Than the Brain
Money and Trade
Namibian Genocide, The
Non-Lethal Weapons: Terms and References
Paranormal Research In the United States Army
Piracy, Golden Age of, The
Planets of the Solar System, Hypothetical
Plants, Giant and Carnivorous
Popes, Mythical
Societies, Pre-Industrial
Project Sunshine
Psychics, Methods of
Quotes, Miscellaneous
Reincarnation, Chinese Government Regulation of
Salish Sea, The, Severed Feet of
Sitchin, Zecharia
Solis, Magdalena
Suicides and Attempted Suicides
Supernatural Horror, Characteristics of
Tanzler, Carl
Technological Singularity, The
Teletransportation Paradox, The
Temple, Robert
Trials of Animals and Inanimate Objects
Uncontacted People In Fact and Hoax
Wild Deserters
Wiligut, Karl Maria
Women, Pig-Faced
Word Druids
Zombies, Philosophical

Please note that this volume is roughly the same length as the first one, even though it has fewer chapters.

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