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Chief of Detectives

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Greg Nojima is the CoD and charged with the solution to crimes of Homicide in the city of San Diego for the police department. He finds his daughter is one of those homicides and sets out on a search for the person, or persons, who did this. He runs through so many detours and misdirections his whole staff is wondering where to go next. But his two top detectives are bulldog mean and grasp the threads and find the person. It is very nearly the words you would hear in the bull pen of the Homicide Division of the San Diego Police Department. Fast action and excellent work by the police solve this case. Drugs and violence go hand in hand. It is no different with Greg and his team's search for justice.

This book could be a text for anyone wanting to be a detective and work in the Homicide division of any police department. The book tells a tale of good and evil so clearly delineated the good is always right on the edge of making the evil ones come to justice and in the end, that certainly happens. Good writing skills and a good tale are the best indications of a well written book. This is one of those.
— Peter J. Rose, former Chief of Police in Iowa

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