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Jabu And The Lion

32 pages18 minutes


African folktales for all ages.

The mysteries of Africa come to life, wrapped in these timeless stories of adventure, wit and discovery. Each short story is the perfect length to read from beginning to end, around a winter’s fire or a summer’s lake and ideal for cozy bedtime tales. 

African Folktales are common to most of the tribes and peoples of Africa. Different cultures, whilst sharing a common point of reference, will colour each story with their own rich, unique heritage.

These tales were handed down by word of mouth, through the ages, to be enjoyed by young and old alike. This book, like each one in the series, keeps the “voice” of the original storytellers of old. 

These stories capture the essence of originality, preserving the traditional oral tales in rich and eloquent language. These are the fables of a harsh but beautiful wilderness and the people and animals living there… Long, long ago, when all the world was new…

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