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Let There Be Light (Keyword: Let)

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Let There Be Light is a politically-incorrect synopsis of the philosophical perspective of our free-market society today. The examples referenced herein are current, as well as historical, and represent a birds-eye view of problems facing our nation and the world, as well as limited recommendations toward comprehensive resolve. This document is purely intended to represent a philosophical perspective that most closely aligns with traditional Christian ethics. The narrative attempts to be an honest and truthful history of life, procreation, and the values that have shaped the most successful nation in the history of humanity. Also, the author considers innovative resolve and the basis of traditional Christian values to be the one definitive and stalwart protocol that has the potential to shape humanity for generations to come. As a Christian, there is only one final truth. This document intends to shine a light in that direction of illumination and cooperative comprehensive understanding. LORD Bless

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