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Journey to Publication's 2017 Anthology

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In this free publication, the works of writers from ages 13 to 19 are proof that young people have the desire, the creativity, and the motivation to be respectable authors. It demonstrates their hard work at learning how to write, doing the actual writing, re-writing, being professionally edited, re-re-writing, and finally achieving publication. Journey to Publication’s 2017 Anthology includes nine poems and six short stories covering the genres of paranormal fiction, science fiction, fantasy, suspense, and action/adventure. Author photos and bios are included for some of the writers, and one of the short stories includes original artwork by a young illustrator.

Supporting young aspiring writers, teaching young aspiring writers how to become authors, informing young authors about becoming published: these are the reasons for JLB Creatives Publishing’s curriculum, Journey to Publication. Several libraries around the country have used this publishing company’s curriculum for their own writing workshops, giving their top-notch young authors a chance to be published. This current compilation, Journey to Publication’s 2017 Anthology, published by JLB Creatives Publishing of Mount Dora, Florida, is the culmination of those workshops.

Please take some time to read and be amazed at the imaginations of these young authors. We promise you will not be disappointed, but rather awestruck, with their creations. There is such diversity in the stories presented herein, we know you will undoubtedly find something that strikes your fancy and/or touches your heart.

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