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Guardians of the Crystals: The Osirion Connection, #1

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Fourteen years following the Great Flood that destroyed the continent of Atlantis, the survivors of that mighty civilisation have recreated their flourishing society once again in the beautiful land of Mayach. Deanu, an Atlantean, is the Guardian of the Crystals, a name given to those Atlanteans who carry the genetic marker that allows them to create a symbiotic exchange with the Power Crystal entities; an ancient sentient energy source that powers their civilisation. The Atlanteans share the planet with the Osirion, a highly advanced, war-like race of humanoids. The two races are on amicable terms, keeping a distance from each other. An Osirion engineer named Enkarath from the land of Kemet, visits the Atlanteans to enlist their aid in helping him create a new energy source for his people. Unfortunately, the technology falls into the hands of a rebel faction. Deanu and Enkarath race against time to save their civilisations and the world from destruction as Enkarath discovers his true heritage and link to the Power Crystals and to the beautiful Atlantean woman that steals his heart.

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